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Emanuele Pavarotti's paintings are a modern reinterpretation of the Greek and Roman myths. Dreamlike scenes inhabited by nymphs, gods and heroes show aspects of the human condition that were already present thousands of years ago in the birthplace of western culture.

His subjects are often women: heroines and whimsical creatures that highlight the feminist side of the myth.

Surreal tones and palettes conjure up an imaginative universe where the viewer can wonder between past and present. 

Pavarotti's interest in painting traces back to college: he studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan where he was mentored by Mino Ceretti, one of the founders of the Milanese movement Realismo Esistenziale.

Pavarotti is also recognized for his achievements in the animation industry – he's currently working for the award winning Blue Sky Studios.

Italian, b. 1979, Milan, Italy, based in New York.

Text by Andrea Puddu.

Phone: +1 (0) 347 828 3160